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JayT is a consultancy, offering services to small businesses, sole traders, clubs, associations and other organisations who require efficient and economic marketing and administration. This allows you to spend your time engaged in those activities for which you wish to be recognised.

Follow the links for more details, or head for the contact page to discuss your specific requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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13 Sep 2016 If you own an Apple device, don't believe the hype that they don't get attacked, or suffer from viruses (virii?). Mind, they might get even more expensive if they end up having to pay all their taxes!
14 Aug 2016 We are able to offer remote support, which is cheaper than a visit because travelling costs money. It's easy to set up, so call if you need help.
12 Aug 2016 Received an order for books from overseas!
28 Jul 2016 Stroud Revels this year was better than ever! See our village website for more local information.


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