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JayT is a consultancy, offering services to small businesses, sole traders, clubs, associations and other organisations who require efficient and economic marketing and administration. This allows you to spend your time engaged in those activities for which you wish to be recognised.

Follow the links for more details, or head for the contact page to discuss your specific requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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26 Mar 2016 Looking for as cheap laptop? How about a Compaq with 200Gb HDD and 2Gb RAM for £20 (possibly!)? Have a look at my eBay listing here. Downside is battery needs replacing, but works fine on the mains...
02 Feb 2016 Our first book publishing has been very well received. Ask to see a sample.
26 Jan 2016 Don't like the new Windows 10 email? Try Thunderbird. Much more like a conventional email program, and significantly easier to follow!
18 Jan 2016 We've been trialling AVG's PC Tune Up. Works well, and clients have reported that it does make a difference. Call or email for pricing.


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